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Imply Tecnologia Eletronica | Arcade and Bowling Catalog

Mini Bowling Imply


Real Miniature
Bowling Alleys


4 - 8 WEEKS

Shown With Optional Lounges & Coin Acceptors

Mini Bowling Imply Video Clip
  (Shows Factory-Produced Video)

$ CALL !
(36 Foot Lane)

$ CALL !
(45 Foot Lane)

$ CALL !
(2 - 36' Lanes)

$ CALL !
(2 - 45' Lanes)


Mini Bowling Imply - Why Spend THOUSANDS More
for other mini-bowling lanes when you can get a better product from Imply for less?
 Mini Bowling Imply is the complete package for bowling fun - With the perfect sizes to fit in many different places, such as Hotels,
Bars, Shopping Malls, Amusement Parks, Arcades, Cafeterias, Pubs, Cruise Lines, Homes, Restaurants, Clubs, Colleges and more ! Mini Bowling Imply can be installed with 2 or 3 modules (36 or 45 Feet Long) and
 a special optional "Player's Area' complete with cool player lounge sofas and table is now available !

Mini Bowling Imply Bowling Alley Game Features :

 Standard Official Bowling Rules With 2 Shots / Frame
 Player's Scores On Overhead 22" LCD Monitors
 Special 3D Animations For Player Fun + Interactivity
▪  Electronic Automatic Scoring System + Pin Indicator
 Graphical Player Scoring Display with Joystick Control
 Bright Bowling Enabled If Blacklight Lights Installed,
   Provides a Eye-Catching Show for Player's Delight !
 Optional Players Lounges, Sofas & Tables Available
 Coin, Token or Smart Card Acceptor Ready !



  Mini Bowling Imply Game Brochure

Mini Bowling Imply Factory Video

Optional Player's Area Sofas + Table - Add $2975 
Optional Coin Acceptor - Add $CALL 
Optional Token Acceptor - Add $CALL 

Product Condition: Brand New In Factory Crate
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements: 110 Volts  |  220 Volts

Mini Bowling Imply - Single 36' Foot Lane Dimensions :
Height: 99", Width: 66", Length: 430", Weight: CALL

Mini Bowling Imply - Dual 36' Foot Lane Dimensions :
Height: 99", Width: 117", Length: 430", Weight: 2426 Lbs

Mini Bowling Imply - Single 45' Foot Lane Dimensions :
Height: 99", Width: 66", Length: 538", Weight: CALL

Mini Bowling Imply - Dual 45' Foot Lane Dimensions :
Height: 99", Width: 117", Length: 538", Weight: CALL
(Note: Add 96" To Total Length For Optional Players Area)

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